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Making the World’s Products Safely Accessible

Vidir Solutions, Inc. manufactures merchandising carousels and display fixtures that store and dispense rolled products, such as carpeting and sheet vinyl, as well as other non-rolled products such as tires, clothing, industrial parts and more. Visit the flooring department of your local Home Depot, Lowe's, or Menards store and the various carpet and vinyl you'll see on display are stored on a Vidir Carousel. In fact, you can find Vidir Carousels in over 30 different countries worldwide.

Like most innovations, this device was invented out of necessity. In 1985, two Dueck brothers who owned a lumberyard, were looking for a convenient way to store their rolls of vinyl flooring products, but at the same time display it for their customers without having to lug their inventory off shelves. They did what any good sons do... they asked their father, who had operated his own machine shop since 1979, for some help. He in turn delivered a motorized carousel that became the cornerstone of the company's success.

Sales representatives who visited the store were sufficiently impressed with the unique machine that it created considerable buzz in the industry. Consequently, in 1986 Vidir built its first carousel for resale, and soon thereafter followed up with advancements on the original design that truly was cutting-edge: a carousel that not only stored and displayed carpet and vinyl... but also cut it on the spot.

The family business started full fledged manufacturing of the carousels and acquired one of their first national accounts, in Home Depot, who has been purchasing carousels from Vidir for nearly 20 years. Today, nearly every Home Depot store in North America has one or more Vidir Carousel. 

In addition, Vidir Solutions, Inc. provides industrial and specialty carousels to many Fortune 500 companies, including GM, Honda, Goodyear, Lowe's, Mercedes Benz, Nike and many others. These carousels are capable of handling a variety of different products other than rolled goods. Each machine is custom built to meet a company's specific requirements and then delivered and installed by Vidir's own factory trained technicians.