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Vidir Solutions Introduces the Vidir VLM!

Posted by on in Products


b2ap3_thumbnail_VLM.pngVidir Solutions Introduces the Vidir VLM

Vidir Solutions has a long history of making the world’s products safely accessible. Since 1986, you’ve trusted to deliver automated vertical storage solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Now, we’re expanding upon that core goal with a new innovation set to help us build on our automated storage and retrieval solutions to meet and exceed even more of your operational goals.

Meet the Vidir VLM

Vertical lift modules, or vertical lift machines, help users efficiently pick products while also maximizing your use of space – and the Vidir VLM is revolutionizing those capabilities with an innovative and forward-looking solution.

Our VLM automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) provides smart, adaptable inventory management that maximizes density and increases productivity. It leverages two tray towers, one in both the front and back, and a center elevator. Trays are extracted and presented quickly and at an ergonomic height for the operator.

These vertical towers keep the VLM footprint to a minimum, leveraging optimized storage density that helps you cut your own storage footprint by up to 85%, and keep your employees safe.

Features and Benefits of the Vidir VLM

Our VLM brings:

  • Automatic Height Detection
    Cutting-edge technology and software allow the VLM to accurately measure the amount of space required for each tray, then calculate the optimal and efficient storage location to maximize inventory density every time.

  • Intelligent Software
    In addition to aiding in the optimization of inventory density, our VLM’s software keeps pick times to a minimum and ensures a smooth material handling process.

  • Total Control
    Our VLM’s easy-to-use software interface allows you to pick and stock item lists, integrate with ERP systems, run reports, and maximize productivity and ROI with remote access for service diagnostics and more.

  • Best-in-Class Innovations
    Our VLM includes industry-first servo motors offering higher velocity and accuracy and a best-in-class 10HP lift capacity. Additionally, our VLM features a chain drive, providing unmatched performance, durability and safety.

To learn more about our innovative VLM and how it can help you increase safety, boost productivity, reduce labor costs, maximize storage, improve inventory management and shrink your storage footprint, visit our website.

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Story and Photo by Patricia Barrett

Arborg's Home Hardware earned much praise last Sunday from the company's senior management team for its innovative moveable shelving displays and storage units.

Every year, the hardware and building supply company's senior managers and board of directors tour stores across Canada. This year was Manitoba's turn.

Click here to read the entire story on page 19 of the Express Weekly News.

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by Luc Seesing President of SMD Machinery

Originally posted here

General productivity at sheet metal fabricators and machine shops, is measured by how much input is required to get a certain output. Often "O.K-looking" numbers show up. Fair enough. 

But if you look a little closer, at how much capital and space is wasted with poor material storage & retrieval, the landscape changes dramatically. Nice looking numbers turn out to be rather bad looking numbers instead.

Material storage and retrieval is one of the biggest waste factors. Most plants that I have seen (and believe me, I have seen a lot of plants) seriously struggle with storing and handling material. Sheet / plate as well as bar-stock (long-span) material.

Of course, Just In Time delivery of the material to your plant would be great. You would not even have a storage issue. But keep dreaming. Reality is different.

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Straight Up

Posted by on in Products

Vertical lifts allow metalforming shops to control inventory safely.

The growing movement toward smaller order sizes and just-in-time delivery has placed very high demands on all aspects of manufacturing, including sheet metal forming.

The technologies for mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic presses used for metalworking have adapted, with improved automation and drive engineering, and extremely fast response times. Many presses have been upgraded for better execution of critical press safety functions by integrating controls and safety into one package for better protection of operators and machines, a welcome addition when running a 500- or 1,000-ton press.

Click here to read the full story.

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Santa’s Secret Storage System

Posted by on in Vertical Carousels

Thanks to Vidir’s Pan Carousel, Santa and his elves can rest a little easier this holiday season.

Our Pan Carousel increases storage space while maintaining or even minimizing footprint. In addition to utilizing overhead storage space to maximize space, our vertical storage carousels are built on the product to operator principle, reducing the need for reaching, straining and bending.

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Vidir Goes Vertical With 2 New Lifts

Posted by on in Vertical Carousels

Our commitment to maximizing your storage space has gone one step further with our new Sheet Metal Vertical Lift and Bar Stock/Linear Vertical Lift

Vidir’s Vertical Lifts are automated storage and retrieval systems that improves material storage and flow through its ability to deposit and retrieve cartridges and directly deliver them to the operator.

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Necessity Breeds Innovation

Posted by on in Company News

For nearly 35 years, Vidir Solutions, Inc. has been committed to providing the most innovative vertical storage and retrieval solutions. 

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Employ the use of Vidir’s Textile Carousel, an automated vertical storage solution that stores and retrieves rolled goods quickly, efficiently and in an ergonomically correct fashion.

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Keeping Pace

Posted by on in Products

Maintain the quick pace and high energy of printing production processes with the use of Vidir’s Print Cylinder Carousel and Hollow Core Carousel. These carousels are two printing industry solutions Vidir offers that allow for quicker retrieval times of print cylinders and tooling through automation technology. While decreasing retrieval times, these carousels also maximize storage space and reduce health and safety hazards associated with unsafe retrieval methods.

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Business is Always Looking Up

Posted by on in Company News

New technology is a company staple that is increasing productivity and bringing the production of previously outsourced components in-house.

Vinyl flooring from Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe’s and bikes from Wal-Mart—there’s a good chance those items have spent time in a vertical storage unit built by Vidir Solutions Inc., an international company tucked among the fields, off a gravel road just outside the small burg of Arborg, Manitoba. Vidir designs and builds mechanical and automated systems that help companies reclaim and efficiently use lost space. Think about converting unused cubic feet over a loading bay, above an aisle, or in a hard-to-access basement or upper level into accessible storage areas.

Willie Dueck, who still enjoys walking the plant and watching it grow as he approaches his 90th year, established the company in the 1970s. The family-run business began as a small repair shop serving the local agricultural community and producing cattle equipment, grain wagons, and air seeders. Family members also owned and operated a lumberyard that sold vinyl flooring. The need to efficiently deal with the vinyl rolls laid the groundwork for Vidir’s first vertical storage unit.

To read the entire story, click here.

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Strict adherence to that age-old business adage “stick to your core competency” may best explain how a rural Manitoba manufacturer grew to become the sole supplier of storage racks to some of the largest big-box retailers in North America.

The company was named after a small Manitoba farming town that today is little more than an old schoolhouse and boarded-up church. In 1979, the pioneering entrepreneur Willie Dueck opened a repair shop for farmers there. It expanded into a lumberyard in nearby Arborg, and today the company operates three manufacturing facilities, has 130 employees and logs up to $25-million in annual revenue.

“It’s been an ongoing theme for us: ‘If it’s not our core offering, let’s outsource it,’” says David Klassen, chief financial officer of Vidir Solutions Inc., based in Arborg, Man. “We have to stick to what we’re good at, and we are a good manufacturer.”

To read the full story, click here.

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Now Storing Hospital Beds

Posted by on in Stack n Store

Vidir Solutions, Inc., leading manufacturer of vertical storage solutions, is releasing for the first time a new vertical storage product, the Bedlift, that is revolutionary to the medical and hospital industry. The innovative Bedlift will allow hospitals and medical facilities throughout North America to save valuable floor space and reduce clutter filled corridors allowing medical personal to focus on patient care.

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ICE USA Converting Exhibition

Posted by on in Vertical Carousels

Vidir Solutions will be displaying at the upcoming ICE USA converting exhibition on April 9-11, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The company offers two unique solutions for the printing industry - the Print Cylinder Carousel and the Hollow Core Carousel.

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