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Vertical with Vidir is your one-stop for insightful, engaging, and informative material relating to Automated Inventory Management Solutions. Hosted by Vidir Solutions, the Podcast will identify the challenge faced in many industries of comprehensive inventory management, unsafe storage conditions, the efficiency of retrieval processes, or even just finding the space they need to support their growing business!

The Podcast will examine how Vidir Solutions has listened to these concerns and provided some pretty fantastic solutions to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Hear from industry experts about the need for a better solution to standard inventory management practices.
  • Gain insight into the design process from the very engineers that worked on creating these solutions.
  • Listen to customers that have implemented these solutions themselves, and to the impact these solutions have had in their real-world situations.

It's time to break free from 2-dimensional storage thinking. It's time to go Vertical with Vidir!


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A state-of-the-art vertical lift machine requires state-of-the-art engineers. Vidir has both. Meet two key members of the Vidir engineering team – Dimitri Caldeira, Director of Engineering, and Brady Palsson, Electrical Technologist. They stopped by Vertical with Vidir to give their insights on today’s vertical lift machines, the latest trends, and what they’ve engineered for Vidir to differentiate themselves in the VLM market.

"Everything these days is integrated one way or another," Caldeira said. "We have inventory control inside the machines. So, very precise information—real data—is available for whatever needs you may have." To keep pace with industry 4.0, Vidir VLMs have the technology to be fully aligned with the future.

Palsson spoke on some of the differentiators he believes set Vidir apart from other VLM space competitors. Unlike some VLMs that could take up to two weeks to install at a location, Vidir strives for an installation period of approximately three days. "Throughout the industry, we see everybody’s attempt at VLMs have different technologies used, and some of them have advantages and disadvantages," Palsson said. "By jumping into our servo motor application, we negated a lot of the problems previous manufacturers have had to engineer around. By increasing our accuracy, we can negate a lot of the needs for very expensive positional encoders, etc."

According to Caldeira and Palsson, the secret to Vidir’s VLM’s success lies in its simplicity, accuracy, durability, and reliability. "We’re using technology that’s been in place for many years," Caldeira said. "But the way we’re combining the technology with electrical and automation, that’s what makes it special."


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