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Vertical with Vidir is your one-stop for insightful, engaging, and informative material relating to Automated Inventory Management Solutions. Hosted by Vidir Solutions, the Podcast will identify the challenge faced in many industries of comprehensive inventory management, unsafe storage conditions, the efficiency of retrieval processes, or even just finding the space they need to support their growing business!

The Podcast will examine how Vidir Solutions has listened to these concerns and provided some pretty fantastic solutions to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Hear from industry experts about the need for a better solution to standard inventory management practices.
  • Gain insight into the design process from the very engineers that worked on creating these solutions.
  • Listen to customers that have implemented these solutions themselves, and to the impact these solutions have had in their real-world situations.

It's time to break free from 2-dimensional storage thinking. It's time to go Vertical with Vidir!


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If you've tuned in to previous episodes of the Vertical with Vidir podcast, you've learned about the impacts our company has made in the industrial, retail and manufacturing industries. But perhaps you're having trouble imagining what kind of impact vertical lift solutions would have in your company.

So, today, we're diving into the experiences of one of our clients. You'll get a closer look at how vertical lift solutions support the end-user – one customer at a time.

With that said, the guest of this episode is Ralph Fehr, President and CEO of Elias Woodwork. He joins host Daniel Litwin to discuss how Vidir's solutions fit into the company's facilities management needs and the added value they offer.

Elias Woodwork offers a diverse product line of wood solutions, from cabinet doors to refacing of kitchen and bath facades, as well as products for the automotive industry. "We take it from raw material to ready-to-install on each item we produce. … We do not do final assembly," Fehr said. "We're highly automated to help us with both consistency of quality, as well as speed."

A lean manufacturing process – as well as a strategy of reducing and removing redundancy, waste and product storage – also helps the company stand out from the competition.

"We try very hard not to have any more than necessary work in progress," Fehr stated. "And we make nothing for inventory as we are a custom shop. … We have a very large inventory of raw material, and that's one place where we don't subscribe to lean."

With a premium placed on lean processes and storage space, it's little wonder that Vidir's space-saving solutions fit right in at Elias Woodwork.


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