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Vertical Lifts

The Vertical Lift is an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/AR) for industrial storage applications up to 5,000 pounds per position and 160,000 pounds for the entire system. The VLS features an elevator that climbs the front of the storage tower to deposit and retrieve pallets/drawers and deliver them directly to the operator at a safe working height. By implementing a goods-to-operator workflow companies can take advantage of high ceilings to save on their overall footprint while gaining efficiencies in operation.

The Vertical Lift is a smart investment, as it provides greater storage density over traditional racking.  It makes use of otherwise unused vertical space, reduces retrieval times, and ultimately increases throughput.
Vidir’s Vertical Lift System can be built to accommodate a variety of material profiles ranging from flat materials such as sheet metal, fiberglass, and plywood too long and narrow profiles such as press brake dies, bundles of bar stock, and helicopter blades.


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