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Sheet Metal Vertical Lift

The Vertical Lift is an automated sheet metal storage system designed to safely take advantage of high ceilings while implementing a goods-to-operator workflow. Basic ease of access and faster retrieval times can improve capital equipment output by up to 15-20%.


sheet metal liftAutomated Sheet Storage Systems increase workplace safety and product security by providing a secure and controlled delivery method for heavy pallets of sheet stored overhead. By investing in vertical storage, you can reduce your storage footprint by combining multiple sheet metal racks into a single tower that feeds your processing machines directly. The added accessibility, increased storage, and improved material flow will increase efficiency resulting in a tangible ROI.

  • Increase Workplace Safety
  • Efficient Material Storage and Flow
  • Reduces Storage Footprint

Technical Specifications




Elevator Specifications

Dimensions of Storage Area 60” - 120” 1,524 x 3,048 mm
Max Height per Cartridge 3.5” - 35” 89 - 889 mm
Load per Cartridge max. 5,000 lbs max. 2,268 kg
Lifting Speed 28’ - 42’ (ft/min) 8,534 - 12,802 mm

Tower Specifications

System Height 10’ - 24’ 3,048 - 7,315 mm
Available Positions 32 32
Width 12’ 2” 3,708 mm
Depth 6’ 3” 1,905 mm
Controls Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Loading Table Optional Optional

Space Requirements for Tower, Control Panel, Safeties, and Fenced Perimeter

Width approx. 15’ approx. 4,572 mm
Depth approx. 12.5’ approx. 4,165 mm
Upper Dead Area 12-3/4” 324 mm


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