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Medical Pan Carousel

medical pan carousel for pharmacy inventory
medical pan carousel for secure medical documents
medical pan carousel for pharmacy orders


The Vidir Medical Pan Carousel is a fully automated storage system with carriers that rotate up and down to deliver items to the operator at an ergonomic height. The carousel can recover an average of 80% of your floor space by utilizing overhead space for storage, increasing inventory accuracy, providing greater security, control, and increasing workplace safety. Simple and intuitive controls easily interface with enterprise level ERP and WMS systems to provide a fully integrated storage solution.


  • Recovers an average of 80% of your floor space.
  • Improved security with optional gates, password protection, and access logs.
  • Can operate and track inventory as an individual database or integrate with enterprise level ERP systems.
  • Increased workplace safety.
  • Increased picking accuracy and speed.
  • Access to stored products at all times with the emergency rotation feature.
  • Flexible carrier configuration options to meet changing inventory needs.




Turf System

Turf Carousel Side
swimming pool covers min
Turf Carousel Front


Rack N Roll Cutter

  • Patented rotary cutter provides a clean, straight cut. Includes a blade sharpener to automatically sharpen the blade after each cut.
  • Foot control allows for operation away from the Control Panel - a bar across the bottom of the machine can be pressed with the foot from anywhere along the cutter to start cutting.
  • Trumeasure mechanical counting system measures Imperial or Metric.
  • Pinch roller pulls material through the machine without damage.
  • Locking swivel casters allow the unit to be moved to and from the carousel. Bumpers on the back are there to allow the cutter to be safely pushed up to the carousel.
  • Enclosed motors - totally enclosed motors keep carpet fibers out.


Rolled Goods Carousel

  • Recovers floor space by maximizing overhead space for storage.
  • Accomodates roll diameters ranging from 6" - 44" and widths up to 15'.
  • Built-to-fit specifications.
  • Ergonomic design increases workplace safety and reduces back injuries.
  • Fast access for improved productivity and production capacity.
  • Patented, easy to use loading system.





Pool and Boat Cover Carousels

Bar Stock Shelf Carousel min
swimming pool covers minswimming pool covers min
swimming pool covers min


Bar Stock Shelving Carousel

  • Maximize available storage by utilizing overhead space for long materials such as lightweight aluminum used in the swimming pool and boating industries.
  • Vertical design allows products to be stored in-line with production process or used as product storage prior to assembly or installation.
  • U-shaped carrier design with removable vertical bars allows for easy loading of bundled goods or for boxed pool kits such as tracks, rails, liners, walls, motors, and pool covers.
  • Optional loading nose available - allowing one length of material or a box to be slid out the end of the carousel onto the cutting table, assembly station, or delivery truck.
  • Vertical bars on U-shaped carriers are removable, allowing a forklift to place a bundled load.


Industrial Rolled Goods Carousel

  • Recover floor space by maximizing overhead space for the staging of polypropylene or vinyl material for pools, acrylic material for boat covers, or the many various materials used for sail fabric.
  • Accommodates all roll diameters.
  • Ergonomic design increases workplace safety and reduces back injuries while integrating directly with a cutting line for a continuous material feed, minimizing product touchpoints, and increasing production capacity.
  • Fast access for improved productivity and production capacity.
  • Patented, easy-to-use, loading system.
  • The Industrial Rolled Goods Carousel can be operated by a single person.