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Your new Vidir Solutions carousel(s) will be expertly installed by our own factory trained technicians. And more often than not, the unassembled carousel(s) will be delivered to your location by a Vidir truck driven by factory-trained drivers/installers as well.

We have installed our carousels in almost every environment you can imagine. If the basic setup requirements are met, Vidir technicians can install and have your new machine up and running in a very reasonable amount of time. Basic installation requirements include the following:

  • Unloading dock access for carousel delivery
  • Ample floor space for staging and setup... typically a 20 foot square area will work
  • A minimum of 1 foot clearance above the carousel - this applies to all models
  • Correct electrical requirements for powering the unit

Your Vidir Solutions sales representative will assist you in any and all necessary installation requirements prior to your purchase.

You can expect a hassle-free professional installation of your new storage carousel including:

  • All equipment is secured to the floor
  • All necessary adjustments will be made by the installer to ensure optimum performance
  • Product knowledge is provided by the installer to the owner/operators on-site as necessary
  • Installation area is thoroughly cleaned of objects used and debris resulting from the installation

In The Event That Your Vidir Carousel Needs Service - Please Call Toll Free (866) 821-2647

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