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Vertical Storage: The Best Of Material Handling Solutions

Maximize warehouse space up to 70% and increase efficiency by using a vertical storage carousel. With a large selection of vertical carousels to choose from, Vidir has the solution to meet your unique application needs. Increase available storage, create fast and effective retrieval times and decrease health and safety risks with a Vidir Vertical Storage Carousel.

Pan Carousel

 pan carousel

Vidir’s Pan Carousel is an automated, high storage volume vertical carousel that operates on a product to person principle while increasing storage space. The integration of product processing software dramatically reduces search and retrieval times, and not only eliminates wasted space, but removes many hazards associated with

retrieval methods. Pan Carousel’s are ideal for higher security operations, offering a password protection option, an optional locking gate and fully enclosed capabilities. The simplicity of this carousel requires just one touch of a button to have materials easily and automatically located and organized into the highly durable storage bins or other comprehensive shelving configurations. Learn More >

Shelving Carousel

shelving carousel

Vidir’s Shelving Carousel provides high-density storage for bulky, heavier items with an automated search and retrieval system that quickly delivers product directly to the operator, eliminating harmful bending and/or reaching for heavy items. Order processing software can be integrated with the carousel allowing you to not only track your inventory but process pick lists, which provides fast and reliable retrieval. The Shelving Carousel is customizable to meet a multitude of unique applications and can be upgraded to lift up to 34,000 lbs. Learn More >

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