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Reasons to Work at Vidir Solutions

In the heart of Canada lays Manitoba, and in the heart of Manitoba lays the Interlake, and in the heart of the Interlake you will find a company that reaches around the globe. Vidir Solutions may just be one of the Canadian employment world’s best kept secrets.

There’s a belief that if a person grows up in a rural area they need to move to a city, to get ahead. For some industries this may be true, however if quality of life and financial security are important to you, then you may want to think outside the city.

First, let’s take a look at wages. It is not uncommon to hear that you can make the most money in places like Alberta, Ontario, and BC. While that may be true in some cases, you’ll find something different at Vidir.

For manufacturing positions, Vidir pays more than 8% higher on average for a starting wage than any major city across Canada. In those same positions, against those same cities, Vidir also pays 6% more on average for an experienced employee.

To break that down further, Vidir pays 25% more for an Assembly position than Winnipeg, and 13% more than either Edmonton or Calgary (traditionally, the highest paying locations for this position across Canada).

A position as an Industrial Painter at Vidir will get you 28% higher salary than that same position in Winnipeg, and 14% higher than Calgary (the next highest paying city).*

For all positions Vidir matches the average in Winnipeg at a minimum and generally surpasses all major cities across Canada.

Additionally let’s look at the cost of living. Renting a 900 square foot apartment in an average area of Winnipeg will cost you 18% less than in Edmonton, 31% less than in Calgary, 67% less than in Toronto, and 72% less than in Vancouver. The average rental in Arborg is 24% less than in Winnipeg and you can own your own home for 34% less.* Therefore, you could have more money left in your pocket at the end of the month if you worked at Vidir and lived in Arborg!

Some individuals fear that you can’t advance your career in a small town environment. It may be rare to find world class companies in very small towns, but that’s exactly what you will find at Vidir. Vidir provides products for a wide variety of industries in over 40 countries all over the world. You will find our machines in major retailers from Wal-Mart and Home Depot to aerospace companies like Boeing and SpaceX.

Vidir’s products are found everywhere from the New York City Police Department to major hospitals, from Harvard University to Walt Disney, to nearly every major automotive manufacturer. We supply products for companies such as Hershey, General Electric, and even for major fashion companies such as Coach. There are few places where the products you work on will have such an incredible reach around the globe.

Vidir often makes custom products for companies which means that each machine you work on will be a little bit different, allowing for a broad range of exposure and the opportunity to always try new things. We are always striving to make innovative, and automated products for our customers creating a working environment on the cutting edge of manufacturing.

We all know there’s more to a job than money and position. You could be making a fantastic wage, in an interesting career, but if the benefits are lacking, or if you don’t feel like a valuable employee, the job can very quickly become a drain that isn’t worth it. That’s why at Vidir we pride ourselves in a family atmosphere, a family that takes care of each other.

Vidir offers a comprehensive group insurance package that includes Employee Life Insurance, Employee Long-Term Disability, Extended Health, Dental and out of Country coverage. We also offer Payroll RRSP options with an employer matched Deferred Profit Sharing Plan. Vidir also offers 2 weeks of vacation pay for the first year of employment, 3 weeks for 1-5 years, and 4 weeks after 5 years. We also include a Safety Shoe/Boot Reimbursement Plan so that your feet are always protected and comfortable.

Being a family company, we understand that sometimes you need to take a day to care for a sick child, or take someone to a doctor’s appointment, and we work with employees to accommodate various challenges

At Vidir, we strive to create a culture that values and respects diversity and inclusion. Our team values all cultures and genders. We work with newcomers to Canada to help improve their English and literacy while employed. Our goal is to build a diverse workforce, increase competencies, and shape a culture of inclusion.

Vidir cares about education and has often worked with employees to help them complete education while working for the company or sends employees for training so they can advance in their fields.

At Vidir, you are not just a number or a random worker on the shop floor. Each employee has a personalized engraved name plate on their lockers and we have a family atmosphere at the company; we know each other and have each other’s backs. If an individual is struggling with a difficult situation it is not uncommon to have fellow employees come together to do something to support the person who is struggling.

Vidir offers perks such as discounted tickets to Winnipeg Jets hockey games and hotel discounts. We also offer company sponsored events throughout the year such as BBQ’s and lunches, a pool party every summer open to the whole family, and a Christmas banquet with professional entertainment and gifts for everyone.

Each year Vidir recognizes the employees who have been part of our family for an extended amount of time. From watches, to $1000 gift cards, to trips to Florida to stay in a private condo, we want employees to know their efforts are incredibly valuable.

At Vidir, we also believe that it is important to give back. That’s why, on top of donating substantially to community based charities in the area, we also have a matched giving plan with MEDA in Tanzania. MEDA strives to allow all people to unleash their potential to earn a livelihood. This is done by supporting grass roots business ventures that truly create jobs for the local populace in an impoverished area. The way this program works is that for every dollar an employee donates towards the MEDA project in Tanzania, Vidir matches it. Those two dollars are then multiplied 7 times by a government program. This means that for every dollar an employee donates, 14 dollars are going to the Tanzania project. On top of the employee match program Vidir has committed to donate $50,000 per year additionally.

What this actually looks like in Tanzania is the creation of business solutions to poverty by helping 250 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) improve their business performance. This can be things like training on using modern tools to track revenues and expenses, or inventory tracking for better ordering from their suppliers, or financing for the purchase of equipment or building expansion so that operations can continue to grow. This directly affects 10,000 individuals that supply these SMEs with their raw materials. These entrepreneurs cannot start or grow their businesses if there are no customers for their various products, and Vidir’s support of this project allows these SMEs to create more demand for these raw materials. Additionally, the specifics of the project include business training, helping develop supply chains, and improving access to finance that helps with job creation. In this way the cycle starts to become self-sufficient, and that is the whole goal.

Working at Vidir is about more than just being an employee; it’s about being part of a growing family and making a positive impact both globally and in your community. Exciting possibilities lie ahead for you here. Vidir offers you a chance to foster a deep sense of purpose in your work and the opportunity to grow as a leader both in your career and in your community. Does this sound like something you would like to be at the center of? See what opportunities are available today!

*Data for this article compiled from Stats Canada, Randstand’s 2018 salary guide, and